Shnuggle Bath- Grey, Pink or Blue

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The Shnuggle baby bath is designed to make bath time stress free and fun. Suitable from newborn it helps support even the tiniest baby right up to 12 months plus. The clever bum bump supports baby and helps them to feel safe and secure.The foam back rest keeps baby cosy and the rubber feet keeps the bath in place.

Winner of Mother & Baby Gold 2017 and Junior Design Gold awards the Shnuggle baby bath, is one of the top rated baby baths available.With its compact size, it uses only two litres of water and fits inside most kitchen sinks too.

The bum bump helps to support baby in the water making it super safe and less stressful to support baby fully.

Cosy & Warm-The foam back rest keeps baby cosy and the bath shape means baby has plenty of water around them to keep them warm

Compact-The rounded shape means the bath can fit inside most kitchen sinks and stores away easily too.

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