Storytelling Game for Children

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Boost creative confidence and storytelling powers with this inspiring set of story telling backdrops, characters and objects. Maybe you’ll choose an Underwater Scene as the setting for your story. Is there a giant octopus? Is a Mermaid in danger? Or maybe your story begins deep in the Magical Forest? Complete with a fabulous set of characters,anaimals and objects to fire the imagination and create a story that can have a different ending everytime. The fun is child led, open-ended and different every time you play and will provide hours of enjoyment.

Set includes; 6 jigsaw scenes, 20 characters and 9 objects and instructions.

What Skills can be Learned?

  • Discover the world around us
  • Develop linguistic skills
  • Develop fine motor skills 
  • Develop imaginative play and story telling
  • Develop expession and narration
  • Develop Hand eye coordination
  • Develop Spacial awareness
  • Memorise words and scripts

Age 3-6 Years


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