Montessori First Puzzle the Farm

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A puzzle for sensory coordination.Children assemble the sturdy puzzle and have fun inserting the freestanding wooden animals in the appropriate spaces. The puzzle is made with quality materials that are suitable for very young children


  • 6 thick card jigsaw pieces
  • 5 wooden farmyard animals
  • Encourages spatial reasoning and imaginative play
  • Sturdy pieces, built to last
  • Brilliant colours to inspire the senses

Assemble a colourful farmyard puzzle with thick cardboard pieces & wooden animals, made with Montessori methods in mind to stimulate little ones!

What Skills can be Learned?

  • Discover the world around us
  • Learn the names of farmyard animals
  • Develop fine motor skills 
  • Develop imaginative play and story telling
  • Develop problem solving skills
  • Develop Hand eye coordination
  • Develop Spacial awareness
  • Develop Sorting Skills


Assemble the thick cardboard jigsaw and then have fun finding the right homes for the animals. The wood animals stand freely as well and are perfect for developing imaginative play and storytelling. This  first puzzle, inspired by the Montessori methods provides a multi-sensory approach to learning and cognitive development. 

Age 2-4 Years


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