Logic Puzzle

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  • Twelve, 3-piece puzzles
  • Match the mother with its baby and food
  • Sturdy cardboard pieces
  • Self correcting
  • Encourages logical thought

Match the chunky puzzle pieces to complete the puzzle, connecting baby animals and their mothers with their favourite food

These cute 3-piece puzzles will build fine motor skills and logic by creating associations and relationships. The pieces are made from extra thick card and beautifully illustrated to encourage and develop an interest in animals. Connect a puppies to dogs to bones, or a baby squirrels(kittens) to squirrels to nuts ! All the pieces are colour coordinated to assist children in working out which is the right match!

What Skills can be Learned?

  • Discover the world around us
  • Develop linguistic skills
  • Develop fine motor skills 
  • Develop imaginative play and story telling
  • Learn the animals names and the food they eat
  • Develop Hand eye coordination
  • Develop Spacial awareness
  • Develop logical thought

Age 3-6 Years

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