That's How We Are Made

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An entertaining game with slots for recognising one’s own physical and emotive identity. Using the Montessori method children can discover the parts and positions of the body, the five senses, the expressions of the face, and also other things. In addition, they can represent the body by making a drawing of it.

  • 7 “Discover the human body” cards
  •  42 slotted shapes
  •  1 small board for drawing on
  •  1 draw-then erase felt-tip pen

What Skills can be Learned?

  • Discover the human body
  • Develop linguistic skills
  • Develop fine motor skills 
  • Learn the names of the parts of the body
  • Learn to recognise expressions and emotions
  • Develop autonomy
  • Develop ones own identity

Age 3-6 Years

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