Kissy Kissy

We love new babies, and the promise each holds. With every new arrival, there are so many firsts ahead—first gummy grins, first baby babble, first tastes of mystery mush, and first wobbly attempts to stand. Kissy Kissy garments are designed to celebrate these milestones—and every treasured moment in between. Because one thing's for sure, just like those fleeting firsts, these sweet days of babyhood are precious and few.
And every day spent in their Peruvian Pima cotton is special indeed. They use only the highest quality fibres to produce a luxuriously smooth texture that’s the next best thing to your kisses and cuddles on baby's skin. It's the reason their soft is softer, their whites are whiter, and their clothes last longer.
And to match the joy and excitement of your new arrival, their timeless prints have a universal appeal that you can cherish today, tomorrow and always.  Because the best things in life may come in small packages, but they don't stay small for long!

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