Baba & Boo

At Baba+Boo, they care about reducing the huge amount of waste that we create in this world.Choose soft cloth nappies and organic clothing for your little one and join their tribe of parents doing their bit toleave a nicer planet for our little ones....

At Daisy Tree we are passionate about sustainability and ethical sourcing and are delighted to be able to help to do our bit for this wonderful world of ours.

Here is  a little bit about the founder of Baba & Boo.


Stay At Home Mum

I've worked since being a waitress at 13, through university and had my fair share of rubbish jobs when I left uni until I started my career as a buyer. A career that came to end when I became mum to Seth in 2008. Having decided that I didn't want to leave him and with another baby on the way, I made the decision to leave working life and be a stay at home mum. This was by far the hardest thing I have ever done. Having two babies in quick succession was so so hard!


So what do I do? I start a business as well. I often blame hormones, tiredness but I think my work ethic wasn't being satisified in the world of babies. I need something for me. So I made life even more harder than it was but it was good. I had a new found passion for cloth nappies and starting something around that made total sense to me.  My dad watched the bin like a hawk when I was growing up and never let us throw anything away that could be composted or recycled. It is this now inbuilt gene that made putting disposable nappies in the bin feel so wrong to me.I knew I had skills to design and make the nappies but the rest was the steepest learning curve. A curve that I am still on. That's the best thing about business, it's like school everyday and I was the swot at school.


Seven years on and I have stopped about 15 million disposable nappies going to landfill. I love that. Being in business, is about making a difference. It has allowed me to stay home with my children and make tonnes of memories with them. But I am so proud of the difference that Baba+Boo makes to this world and we couldn't do it without you