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Promoting Diversity

The Oxford Dictionary states that diversity means:- a range of different things. A variety. An assortment. A mixture. A range.
Daisy Tree is like a 4th baby to me. I love it for all its imperfections! It's rarely seen as it's lost in the huge world of ecommerce! But the people who do notice it love it and return again and again. Much like my perfectly imperfect shop there is a sector of our society that is also sometimes rarely seen when they should be.
I am so delighted that Daisy Tree is going to be represented by a mix, a variety, a mixture,a range of babies and children. We are all different, yet we are all the same. We are all human beings that live together in our wonderfully perfectly imperfect world

Prams and Travel Systems - What do I need?

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Prams and Travel Systems - What do I need?

I've not tried every pram on the market but I've tried most and I have enough experience to share my thoughts to help you to decide what is the best pram for you. Prams, travel systems, carrycots, seat units? What are they and what do I need?

Here are the most frequently asked questions I am asked at Daisy Tree.