Animal Lotto

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An enjoyable bingo game for socialising as children.A fun and easy game to get children playing together and putting animals into groups.A fun, easy-to-play tombola that introduces children to animals
and their natural habitats. The kit includes six habitat cards andthirty animal cut-outs to fit into the matching shapes.The pieces can be used as part of a tombola game or the animalspresented one-at-a-time as flashcards to be placed on the matching habitat. In the latter case, the animals are recognized
in parallel with the habitat in which they live. This adds context to the learning experience

  • 6 habitat cards to be completed
  • 30 cut-out animals

What skills will be Learned

  • Building interpersonal relationships
  • Learning about animal groups and habitats
  • Achieving goals
  • Recognise shapes

Age 2-5 Years

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